CSR and Sustainable Development

CSR and Sustainable Development


PCC Rokita SA. Our path of sustainable development...


Protection of natural environment, investments in human resources, commitment to relations with the company's environment and creation of conditions for economic sustainable development are main actions in the area of corporate social responsibility. It is about implementing Company's own goals while consenting with different groups of stakeholders and voluntarily considering social interests.

Operating in a sustainable manner becomes ever more important for the implementation of the long-term business strategy of PCC Rokita SA. It applies to environmental matters, as well as to the social area. Specific actions of the Company executed in the area of the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, implementation of new management systems for emissions, energy and safety, in the area of work environment and production processes are the examples. The Company focuses on aspects such as sustainable raw materials management, rational water usage and effective waste management. At the current stage of modelling the strategy of sustainable development, the Company implements and maintains good practices, e.g. in the scope of responsible chemical products production for different industries. These practices implemented by PCC Rokita S.A. also apply to savings of heat and electric energy, as well as water and paper. Owing to this, the employees have a direct impact not only on the state of natural environment, but they also contribute to the reduction of operational costs of the company. All these actions are aimed at the implementation of the concept of sustainable production and consumption in the entire value chain. Moreover, the stakeholders with whom the company maintains an open dialogue, communicate their needs and benefits from the promotion of sustainable products on global markets frankly.

While building its competitive position in the chemical market, PCC Rokita SA undertook to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment mainly by manufacturing and offering sustainable products to clients. The idea of sustainable development is a key aspect in all areas of management and in every operational process. It is today essential to search for solutions for the increase of ecological efficiency of chemical products through research works, innovations, new technologies and investments, considering also high expectations of clients, especially of those operating globally who set the global economic trends.

PCC Rokita SA understands now better the idea of business responsibility in broad terms. The company gains experience while participating in domestic and international CSR initiatives. It reports and evaluates its actions and achieves its first successes. It draws on the dialogue and cooperation with clients, suppliers, signatories of several organisations supporting the sustainable development in Poland and all over the world.

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