Growth strategy

Growth strategy


PCC Rokita SA seeks to strengthen its competitive position in core business areas. The planned development of the Company includes both an increase in sales volume of currently manufactured products, as well as portfolio diversification with new products. In geographical terms, PCC Rokita SA plans to strengthen its position by increasing its market share in the currently served countries, as well as by expanding to new, fast-growing markets.

PCC Rokita SA plans to achieve the following effects in different complexes: 

  • Rokopole Complex - additional production capacity will allow for an increase in revenue and operating profit by 2014, enabling it to enter into new markets with an optimized product offering

  • Chlorine Complex - full conversion of chlorine production technology from mercury to membrane will bring further economic and environmental benefits by reducing energy consumption, as well as mercury consumption and emission

  • Phosphorus Chemistry Complex - extending the range of products will allow expansion into new markets and enable revenue growth and a significant increase in operating profit by 2014.


In all its activities, PCC Rokita SA puts great emphasis on:

  • increasing the technical safety of the installations

  • environmental protection

  • The use of modern technologies

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