Presentation to Suppliers

Presentation to Suppliers


In order to facilitate co-operation with our current and prospective Suppliers, we would like to present our Purchase Services Structure.

The co-operation presentation addressed to Suppliers has been divided according to the company’s areas of operation, taking into account the existing Purchase Services organisational structure.

Due to their process-based nature, the Purchase Services at PCC Rokita SA have been divided into:

  • Raw Materials Purchase
  • Technical, Services and Investment Purchase
  • Strategic Purchase

Raw Materials Purchase


PCC Rokita is divided into four independent Production and Commercial Business Units. Each unit requires different raw materials, depending on the production profile. Therefore, each Business Unit has its own purchase teams responsible for independent sourcing of raw materials.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements implemented at PCC Rokita mean that the production is based only on the highest quality raw materials provided by qualified suppliers.

Technical, Services and Investment Purchase


The technical and services purchases at PCC Rokita SA are the responsibility of the Purchase Office.

Strategic Purchase


The coordination of the strategic purchases is the responsibility of the unit of the Strategic Purchase Director.

To learn more about our Purchase Services please visit our sites:

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